Join Our Team

Whether you’re a freshman, or a senior, danced competitively or just recreationally, we would love to have you on our team! This page will tell you how to join.

Auditions occur every year at the end of August. All girls, returning and new, are required to tryout every year. Auditions are run by the captains, but judged by individuals outside of our team.

Later in the season we occasionally offer open practices to expand our team for basketball season. These are less formal than the auditions and are open to all girls on campus, regardless of dance experience. We will teach skills and part of a routine like auditions, and then invite individuals to join our team.

Thunderettes is an commitment that lasts all of fall semester and through spring break of spring semester. For upperclassmen that have been on the dance team for at least one season, and are studying abroad during the fall semester, they are allowed to tryout in the spring. Only these studying abroad, upperclassmen are allowed to be on the team for less than the full season. In the event of a different situation that you may feel should be included in this policy, feel free to talk to the captains and they will try to work with you. Please refer to our constitution for more information about the commitment of being a Thunderette.

Auditions consist of three days of events. The first two days are focused primarily on learning a short routine and brushing up on skills that will be performed for the judges. On the third day the actual audition will be held. The dance as well as the list of skills below will be performed in small in groups in front of a panel of judges. Judges include our team advisor/coach, other Wheaton students that are not affiliated with the Thunderettes and sometime a poms coach from one of the high schools in the Wheaton area.

List of skills: these are standard skills that we frequently incorporate into our dances. Do not stress if you cannot do one of these. Instead, practice and come prepared with your best to auditions.

Single pirouette on both sides

Splits-right and left

Leap-right and left

Toe touch

Kicks-right and left (kick-line)


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